11 Facebook Updates That’ll Save Your Time and Money In 2019

We are just three months into the year 2019, but Facebook Updates have rocked the world. Starting from Instant articles to Live videos, there are tons of changes. Mark Zuckerberg has many extraordinary plans for this new year, so it’s not at all shocking to see such a large number of modifications.

According to a recent public post on Facebook, Mark claimed that this year they will be focusing on improvising safety, user experience, to increase authenticity and are working hard to tackled social-related issues. As Facebook was under deep pressure with issues regarding transparency and privacy on which these people have worked really very hard to overcome the problems. They are still working hard on it!

The released and upcoming Facebook updates are most likely to reflect these goals and improve not only the user experience but marketers’ experience as well. Are you feeling overwhelmed by these updates? Can’t stop your head from spinning? We’re here to help!

Below we shared some insight into the latest Facebook updates and I feel like the best spot, to begin with, is Facebook’s Q4’s report.

Facebook Shares Q4 report of 2018


Facebook released its Q4 report on January 31st, here are some of the highlights:

  • Income expanded to $3 billion from the accompanying quarter, which is expected to reach more than $16.6 billion.
  • More than $2 billion of the income was developed initially from Stories Ads, which can be both accessible on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Above 2 billion individuals, use at least one service of Facebook every day (which incorporates Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger).

Apart from this, Mark has also shared some extraordinary updates you should anticipate and remember while planning your 2019 strategies for business or personal use. To help stay up with the latest ones, here are eleven new Facebook updates that you have to think about in this new year.

Facebook Features and Ad Solution Updates

Facebook Features and Ad Solution Updates
Facebook Features and Ad Solution Updates
Facebook Story Ads

The latest Facebook stories ads help brands to create new experiences for their users using Facebook’s story option. Though the Facebook story feature didn’t take off the way Instagram Stories has, this full-screen update has become most people favourites nowadays. Looking forward to many more updates to reach out to people similar to this extraordinary feature.

Playable Ads

Facebook has recently added Playable Ads particularly for gaming apps, which allows the users to “try before they buy”,  to enhance the user experience of the application before installing it in their system.

Augmented Reality Ads

Augmented Reality Ads, helps the brands to easily build a deeper connection with the users by helping them to interact easily with their users with regards to different products and experiences within the Facebook Platform.

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Facebook Updates for Pages

Facebook Updates for Pages
Facebook Updates for Pages
Facebook Page Recommendations

You might have already seen this before, but the Facebook reviews have been changed to recommendations. The main focus of this update is to provide a better understanding to the page visitors based on previous experiences which help in adding a surplus level of clarity to the feedback.

Redesigned Pages on Mobile

One of the best and latest updates of Facebook is the business pages are redesigned for mobile, which helps in navigating from one page to another very easily and drives in more action.

Facebook Measurement Updates

Facebook Measurement Updates
Facebook Measurement Updates
Self-Serve Brand Lift in Test and Learn

This new self serves options have been implemented to learn and test how exactly your Facebook Ad Campaigns impact the perception of the brand.

Video Metrics Updates

Facebook has recently updated the video ad metrics which helps the advertisers to handle the video engagements in a better way and optimize the video creatively based on their behaviours.

Updates to Creative Tools

Updates to Creative Tools
Updates to Creative Tools
Video Creation Kit

Haven’t created the videos till now? Doesn’t have videos on your page? No issues – Facebook has launched a new video creation kit which will definitely help you to turn all the photo assets into mobile-streaming videos. The templates which are provided in this kit are very easy to use and will take your videos to a higher level.  

Facebook Campaign Management Updates

Facebook Campaign Management Updates
Facebook Campaign Management Updates
Value optimization with minimum ROAS bidding

Facebook is additionally providing promoters with greater ability to control the esteem of campaigns produced by giving you a chance to gain very minimal satisfactory profit for the money spent on these ads. Facebook’s system will offer to coordinate or surpass that esteem in another incredible method to improve these campaigns.

Value-Based Lookalike Audience

Are you planning to target and identify a number of customers related to your niche by depending upon online as well as offline behaviours? Then these value-based lookalike audiences would serve you the best.

These are some of the exceptional and incredible updates which are going to be updated this year using which you can gain tons of likes and followers. Apart from using these updates to gain more engagements, there are also various automation tools available that will definitely provide you with some menial tasks like liking the posts, and many more.


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