6 Tips To Use Facebook Ads For Valentine’s Day Marketing

After the spike of holiday sales, it seems like a slump for marketing. But that’s not really the case! Now is a great time to take advantage of Valentine’s week to start your Valentine’s day marketing campaign.

Considering the profits in the retail market, we can say that it comes second only to Christmas. Every year around the world, people spend billions of dollars to purchase gifts.  Throughout the week, people purchase gift items like chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and some other stuff to celebrate it with their partners.

The challenge for marketers is how to attract those purchases to earn more profit. One of the best options you have is Facebook advertising. You can just start running Facebook ads for Valentine’s day and target the most probable customers to claim more sales for your business.

Here are some tips that can help you to bring out the best from Facebook ads for Valentine’s day marketing.

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Early Start But It’s Not Too Late-

If you haven’t started your Facebook campaign for Valentine’s week, it’s not late yet. Most of the people order for their purchase before one or two weeks. The more early you start, the better will be the chance of you getting more sales conversions for your business. Just start working on your Facebook ads for Valentine’s day. So you can be sure to run your campaign as long as possible and even attract the last minute purchase for your business.

Target Your Ads-

When we talk about Facebook ads, it’s important to target the right audience. Facebook gives you many options to filter your targeted audience so that you can gain a better return on your investment.


Based on Relationship Status-

There you have the option to target your ads based on the relationship status of your audiences. Whether you are targeting couples who are celebrating Valentine with their partners or single girls who want to enjoy Galentine with their girlfriends. The ability to target your ads based on the relationship can help you to bring more sales to your business.

Based on Gender:

If you are selling products targeted to either boys (men) or girls (women), you should prefer this feature to filter out your right audience. With a more specific targeting, you can make your ads more relatable to your audience. And accordingly, you can make use of the Facebook ad budget more effectively.

Based on Age:

Another thing to consider before creating your Facebook ads for Valentine’s day is targeting audiences based on their age. Especially if you are selling products for a specific age group, then using the age filter can really help you to reach potential customers for your business.


Now, you have successfully targeted your Valentin’s day marketing campaign on Facebook, the next thing is to use the data and prepare for the remarketing campaign. Based on the past analytics of your Facebook ads, update your ads to improve the performance further.


Show Multiple Products on Catalogue-

Instead of showing a single product, why not show your audience with a wide range of products through Facebook catalogue ads. Facebook gives you 4 options to use catalogue ads.

Dynamic Ads:

It automatically shows the most relevant items from your catalogue to your target audiences who have shown their interest in the past. There you can use the Facebook pixel to learn about the interest of your target audience so that you can target your dynamic ads accordingly.

Collection Ads:

In this form of ad, you can show up to 4 different items from your product catalogue. People can just select the items in which they are really interested.

Collaborative Ads:

You can also collaborate with other brands to start running your Facebook ads for Valentine’s day. While your retail partner needs to share a segment of their products catalogue with you so that you can run dynamic collaborative ads on it.

Embrace The Theme Of Valentine-

To catch the attention of people who are looking for Valentine’s day gifts, you should make use of a theme that represents the theme of love. Make use of red or pink colour in your ad creation from which people in love can relate to. While it also depends on your brand product and accordingly you can design ads that resonate well with your target audience. To test out the performance of your creations, consider A/B testing to compare two different image posts.


Fix Your Budget-

Based on the analysis on Facebook, most people wait until a week before Valentine’s day to start their shopping. It shows how competition around this period of time is going to be more fierce among the advertisers. So depending on that, you will have to fix your budget. Make sure to bid above the range of normal level. That way your campaign will be able to claim better impressions in front of your target audience. While you also need to be certain to not overbid, otherwise you may even lose what you have invested.

Offers & Discounts To Encourage More Purchase-

Now, if you have done all your preparations regarding Facebook ads for Valentine’s day marketing campaigns, give out the best offers and deals for your audience. That way, you can enchant more people to try your products and services. Many marketers also give free delivery or free gifts items to their users so they can attract more business opportunities.

Also don’t neglect singles out from your target audience. On the next day to Valentine’s day- 15th Feb is Single Awareness Day (SAD) where you can target those people who are not in a relationship.


So if you are ready to start your Facebook campaign on this Valentine’s day, make use of the best Facebook automation tool- Socinator. It can help you to auto schedule your daily activities on Facebook so that you can be more focused on ad creatio. And target them more efficiently to your target audience to generate more sales for your business.

Wrapping Words:

Even if you haven’t started your Facebook ads for Valentine’s day yet, it’s not too late to start now! People often check the special deals and offers on special occasions to make their purchase. And if your offers are really great enough to satisfy the expectations of the audience, then you can surely be able to grab a huge chuck of sales from this Valentine’s day marketing campaign.

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