How To Become Instagram Famous? Check Out These 07 Ways

Instagram is the most trending social media platform among everyone these days. May it be a youngster or grown-up everyone likes to look up to Instagram to follow their area of interest and to dive into the latest trends.

Instagram provides excellent opportunities for influencers to pick out a niche and start sharing creative and relatable content with their audience because the users keep scrolling through the newsfeeds to explore fascinating content.

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Are you one such influencer hustling to become Instagram famous?

Then you have landed just at the right place where you can find some essential steps to make your way through all the chaos and become famous on Instagram. 

But we know that there is no shortcut to success. So with all your attention, check out these few ways to proffer on Instagram.

07 Ways To Become Instagram Famous

1. Make Use Of Personal Profile Picture In Place Of a Logo

The profile picture is the first thing that the users see before interacting with the posts, content, stories or highlights of a page. So it is highly recommended to set the profile photo first.

Well, some of you might think of adding a picture that holds the niche of your page or the brands sharing partnership with you.

But you have got to tell a big no-no to this thought. 

The profile picture that you post does not need to define your interests. People get interested in seeing the person first and then diving deeper into the contents and posts.

Users get along with Instagram to get entertained. Some people might see this as a business platform, but before that, they need to know the person behind those sponsored brands.

So yeah!! The first tip you need to note is to personalize your profile keeping aside the thought of promoting your niche and other partnering brands.

2. Identify Why Your Audience Follow Your Content

Okay now if you want to become famous on Instagram, the first thought that might be arising is sharing content and niche that defines your interests rather than yourself. 

But to make you clear about this, studies have proved that the posts that contain a face in it are more likely to gather more engagement on Instagram. 

Why so?

We all know that users on Instagram get intrigued by checking out the advertisements and products of different brands. But the significant reason they are on this platform is entertainment. They get entertained by checking out new trends, following new people, following their content and many more.

So rather than directly jumping into the content particularly, start by introducing yourself to your target audience. Let the audience know that you are the person they are following, and they share a similar interest with you as well.

3. Keep Updating Your Bio

Do you keep your bio up to date every time?

No right? Well, it is a very significant aspect to keep your audience refreshed about what you are up to and which are your upcoming projects, which brand you are collaborating with or even information related to yourself.

We often think that updating a bio because it is necessary and talking only about the niche is not what the followers always wish to see. They will be more engaged in your profile if they get to know about your latest assignments, the brands that you will be partnering with in future and other pieces of information.

Seems like a daunting task?

Trust me it isn’t. Try using a social media automation tool like Socinator, which will help you out in scheduling and automating the process of posting so that you never miss out on updating your bio.

4. Discover Your Niche

You need to follow your niche because your audience is following you because of your niche. 

If you are trying to proffer on Instagram, the first thing you need to keep in mind is concentrating on what you have started with and why your audience follows you. Do not post anything that directs to other interests all of a sudden.

Once you have started with the most passionating thing about yourself, then stick to that. Try exploring more areas where your niche fits appropriately. Then you will be able to dig out more content and can share it with your target audience.

5. Be Transparent To Your Audience

If you want to connect with your audience and build trust within them, then you have to be transparent with them. Do not show or post anything fake. 

Be organic and keep it real.

The content that you post has to be real and should show your interests yet being trendy. The reason is you cannot keep going with fake content for longer, and hence you will miss out on your followers. 

But if you show on the social media platform the real you, then you will be able to explore more domains related to your interests and can share appealing and trending posts that will grab the attention of more audiences.

6. Create Engagement On Your Content With CTA Buttons

By now, we know that having an enormous number of followers on Instagram is what we all need. But we also need to create engagement on our posts. Because ultimately, this engagement will keep you in the top and will help you in referring to more users, thus making you famous on Instagram.

Now, how can you create engagement on your posts or stories?

It is as easy as ABC. The only thing you require to do is engage your audience in whatever you share on your profile. Try putting up polls or questions where they can share thoughts and interact with you.

If you want your audience to like your content, then ask them to double tap on your post. If you want your audience to comment then try asking some questions that the audience will be intrigued in and initiate an interaction. But keep it in mind that if you are going for this trick to engage the audience then take your time out to reply to each comment rather than just ignoring them.

If you want your users to share your content with more people or tag their friends or relatives on a post, then explain to them why they should go for doing it.

Handling Instagram with so many followers seems difficult? Looking forward to a social media automation tool to schedule and automate your posts and keep you updated every time?

Here’s what we got for you!!

Socinator is a social media intelligence tool which will help you automate the process of managing their profiles on different social media platforms. The tool helps in scheduling the posts so that you do not miss out on posting at regular intervals.


The tool acquires numerous features for automation. It works safely and organically for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. It also offers different features for different social media platforms for which it is getting used.

Socinator is cost-effective, hence all the industries starting from small scale to large scale will be able to introduce the tool to their system.

7. Do not Get Demotivated By Your Haters

Afraid of the negative vibes on Instagram from your haters?

Stop taking them seriously.

Do not get demotivated in the middle of the path to your success. The reason is you have to excel in whichever niche you choose. If there are genuine comments on your posts that tell you why they do not like your content, or you need to improve with what you are doing then try considering them.

But do not let the hate comments distract you. If a user hates you, then he/she would not take their time out to keep watch on your posts and stories and let you down in front of everyone. There might be some or the other reason for doing so.

So keep sharing organic and appealing content and let the haters keep pouring hate comments for no reason.

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Wrapping Things Up

It does not take a lot to become famous on Instagram. You only have to concentrate on your niche and start creating appealing and winning content that is trending. It will always keep your audience engaged with your posts and stories, always keeping you on top.

I hope the article helped you know about some essential tips on how to become Instagram famous. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!


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