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Cyber Monday plays an immense role during the holiday season sale. Online shopping has become a significant factor for retailers who wish to reach out to more audiences with the products and services of their company.

So the marketers have to take their businesses to social media, which help them proffer to the audience who are still unaware of their brand. They can make better use of social media to advertise during this Cyber Monday and pump up their Cyber Monday sales.

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In this blog, we are going to check out why the brands make use of social media platforms during Cyber Monday.

What is Cyber Monday?

Well for those who do not already know about Cyber Monday, it is the first Monday after the thanksgiving ceremony in the United States. It is an online shopping event which originated by the marketers to embrace the customers to go for online shopping.

Before the event lasted only for 24 hours, but now it has become a four-day-long holiday shopping season starting from the Black Friday sale till Cyber Monday.

History of Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday will mark its 15th anniversary in 2020. 

In 2004 there was still a lot of traffic for shopping after the Thanksgiving holiday which the marketers believed was one of the most remarkable days during the shopping season.

They believed that this day of the year is perfect for encouraging consumers to go for online shopping. After the Thanksgiving holiday, the consumers return home with some preparations to shop during this season of the year. Hence the marketers can expect huge engagement on their social media on Cyber Monday.

The Cyber Monday sale has originated in the United States. But in this day and age marketers from around the globe are participating in this tremendous sale.

When is Cyber Monday 2020?

In 2020 the Cyber Monday sale falls on 30th November. But it is not fixed to get celebrated on the same day every year. The Cyber Monday sale is marked every year after the Thanksgiving holiday. 

As discussed earlier, the sale commences from the Black Friday sale and lasts up to Cyber Monday. Basically, it is a four-day-long holiday shopping season benefitting the retailers as well as the consumers.

Why do Brands Use Social Media on Cyber Monday?

Everyone is on social media by now. The marketers have started making the best out of their social media profiles. The brands can advertise about the sale running on the products and services of their brand.

Here are some of the reasons why the brands have started to make use of social media profiles on Cyber Monday.

1. Offers Customers Can’t Refuse

During the shopping season, the customers look for excellent deals and include great ideas. The brands need to make sure that the dealings must attract shoppers. The reason is there are a lot of brands striving to gain recognition during the sale. So the brands have to stand out with great deals on their products and services.

Another excellent tip for the brands is to use hashtags that get appropriately created for the Cyber Monday sale. The social media users these days keep following the hashtags to know more about the trend. So if the brand’s advertisements show up at the top, then users will get more intrigued in the sale. This will boost the Cyber Monday sales.

2. Launch Exclusive Products

The sale season is a great opportunity to grab the attention of the audience towards the new products. The marketers can launch new products just before the commencement of the sale so that the users can know more about the new products beforehand.

The brands can also launch the new products after the starting of the sale so that if the users come across new products of the company with a lowered price, then they might get interested in purchasing them.

3. Engage your Audience

The marketers should not see Cyber Monday only as a shopping event. The reason is if they wish to engage more audience, then they have to be creative.

Some brands prefer showing up their sales live to their audience. If the users would be able to check out the engagement on particular products, then they will get interested in purchasing.

As social media platforms offer a live feature, the brands can go live to show how well their products and services are performing during the sale, which will grab the attention of the audience.

4. Let the Customers Mark a Difference

The four-day-long sales bring in opportunities for the shoppers to make the best use of the offered deals helping the retailers to have a wondrous sale. But the brands have to stand out by connecting with the audience.

The brands can announce if they wish to donate some amount of their earnings to the charity which will get noticed by the shoppers, and they might end up initiating purchase because of this reason.

5. Make Use of Video Ads and Animated gifs

The video advertisements and the animated gifs grab more attention from the users. They create more audience engagement than image advertisements because the brands can be creative while designing these videos and animated gifs. 

The brands must include the theme of the sale in the current year to pass on more information regarding the products and services on sale during Cyber Monday.

How Can Brands Get Their Social Media Sites Ready For Cyber Monday?

As the shoppers see this period as a shopping season, then there is a chance that the companies would not be able to manage the customers at their shops.

But an online shop will definitely ease the process of managing the customers and having a great shopping weekend.

When Cyber Monday is around the corner, the retailers need to prepare their social media profiles in such a way that it should show up latest posts, information related to the discounts running on different products and other details related to the services of the company and the sale.

Here are some tips that the marketers should consider before the commencement of the sale.

1. The retailers need to conduct a speed test to check out if their website is working well and is not taking much time to load. They can also check if the website is lagging.

2. Use tools to monitor the activities on the website. The reason is the retailer would not be every time available to check if the website is working properly. So they can go for monitoring tools to see if the consumers face any issues.

It is necessary because if the website would not work accurately during the sale, then it might not create as much engagement as the competitors of the retailer would gain.

3. We all know that shoppers prefer initiating a purchase from their mobile devices as it is convenient. So the website of the brands must be compatible with mobile devices and should handle the traffic during the holiday season.

The retailers have to make sure that there are no issues at the backend for which the site may get crashed. 

Socinator is social media management till which will help the brands automate the process of managing their profiles on different social media platforms. The tool helps in scheduling the posts so that the brands do not miss out on posting at regular intervals.

SOCINATORThe tool acquires numerous features for automation. It works safely and organically for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. It also offers different features for different social media platforms for which it is getting used.

Socinator is cost-effective, hence all the industries starting from small scale to large scale will be able to introduce the tool to their system.

To start with, let me tell you something really exciting.

Socinator is offering huge discounts on all the yearly plans. Special discount coupons are available for Cyber Monday, which offers a 50% discount on all annual subscriptions. The plan will expire after 02 days of the event.

Don’t let go of this amazing deal.

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Final Words

The Cyber Monday sale brings opportunities for the retailers to raise their sales at ease by maintaining their websites properly. I hope the reasons why brands use social media to promote their companies will help other brands utilise their profile appropriately for sale.

I hope this article helped you know about why brands use social media to improve their Cyber Monday sales. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!


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