How Social Media eCommerce Marketing Is Impactful ?

With an expansion in online consumers in recent years, it is competent to say that the social media eCommerce enterprise is flourishing. With each passing day, new online-only retailers and other major eCommerce industries are converting into online stores using social media platforms.

It sounds challenging for the eCommerce retailers but satisfying for consumers who get more choices than ever before. Each day the eCommerce industry turned into a sales ground which every marketer wants to conquer.

Before getting into the depth, let us get a fair understanding of what e-commerce social media marketing is.

What Is eCommerce Social Media Marketing ?

Social media eCommerce is the tradition of using social media platforms to market eCommerce products. It helps to build brand awareness, attract online followers and generate online sales.

Every marketing strategies have some embedded advantages, so let’s drive into the advantage factors that social media eCommerce gives;

03 Advantages Of Social Media For eCommerce


01- Develop Your Online Reach

According to recent studies, up to 71% of adults with internet access are on social media, scrolling over every social media platform resulting in-retailer attention. Undoubtedly, eCommerce retailers are utilizing this chance to grasp a widely scattered audience’s attention.

02- Communicate With Target Audience

Operating PPC campaigns and optimizing for search engines allow users while actively exploring particular products. However, you can reach them with a favorable medium online with social media platforms.

03- Shareable Treasured Content

One of the most desirable results each social media e-commerce retailers seek is to move forward apart from current users and get trendy. Social media helps in creating a new audience by sharing authentic content online.


eCommerce Social Media Promotion



Nearly every retailer uses FACEBOOK to grab the vast range of audience attention. With 2.4 billion monthly active users, it gives retailers a myriad of sales opportunities to achieve.

 Embedded with new features of the “Shop” tab on a business, page sellers can list a wealth of outcomes that let consumers purchase the product directly from Facebook.


Another platform dominated by Facebook, covering one billion active users, an open field sales opportunity for eCommerce businesses. Instagram sales power concluded from its image-centric nature. 

With characteristics like shoppable Instagram tags, post social media eCommerce platforms are getting the hype as retailers can tag the products shown in images.


As Instagram diminutive Twitter, the company is still one of the biggest social sites online. Twitter beams for retailers as they can generate clicks for accurate cents on the dollar. 

Since most e-commerce ads run through Google, Facebook and Amazon. Twitter has less engagement which makes ads less expensive to run.


Stated as a loser of the social media e-commerce websites, Snapchat earned back its position among the most preeminent online platforms.

Unquestionably brands targeting a young audience, Snapchat is a rewarded location with the service of 16.5 million users between 12-17 years old.


LinkedIn is the perfect stage for B2B organizations, additionally named as professional versions of Facebook. Users can run ads on LinkedIn. An effective tactic for this platform is to drive eCommerce traffic by starting a group and providing relevant individuals with valuable information related to the product or services.

Interconnection Between eCommerce And Social Media


E-commerce and social media are on either side of the see-saw. In the absence, the stabilization model will inevitably collapse. Balanced promotion in the social media platform can stabilize your eCommerce sites.

 More significantly, promoting your eCommerce brand on social media platforms can drive traffic directly to the website. As earlier discussed, mass adult percentage investing most of the time on social media platforms brings opportunities for diverting user’s attention to e-commerce sites.

Social media is requisite for eCommerce companies, according to the survey taken;

  •  78% of the customers believe social media will be the next aspect of better customer service.
  •  88% of customers are unlikely to buy if they didn’t get a good response on social media platforms.
  •  77% of customers agreed that online chat positively influenced their attitude about the retailer.

Hence, it’s promptly crystal clear that the balance between eCommerce and social media is essential and beneficial for online retailers. Tailor wise social media strategy to gain visibility, organic traffic, and boost sales.


To Accomplish Outcomes, Here 07 Imperative Tactics For Merchants To Strategize ;


1. Ascertain Goals

The fundamental in the preliminaries for any project is to define targeted goals to achieve. There is a thin borderline for social media eCommerce retailers between publishing content and engaging with followers.

Specify the exact parameter while publishing the content to divert the audience that can be ;

  • Traffic produced 
  • Followers calculation
  • Engagements proportions 
  • Conversion

2. Provide Value

A prosperous tangent in developing an engaged audience demands the consistent posting of associating products on the pages. Social media eCommerce users want merit from the pages they follow, proving content should be beneficial for the followers.

Although, accomplish it by estimating out, “What audience craves about, continuously, and relevant posting.”

Promotional and traditional marketing manners can pre-offer faded results. When retailers highlight their brand offering, it is essential to focus on the stablest, and one of the best ways to do this is to create a long from the content. To incorporate this parameter, routinely posting can be time taking and demanding.

03. Share Visuals 

While speaking about social media websites, visual content rules the world. Instance this point, 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing. 

Furthermore, 85% of users have brought a product after watching a video about it either on social media platforms or tv advertisements. This factor can prove beneficial for social media eCommerce strategies.

04. Building  Relationship With Influencers 

Sampling these recent statistics,74 % of people turn to social networks for guidance on purchase decisions. Influencers marketing content fulfills 11X higher ROI rather than conventional customs of digital marketing.

Influencers who have omnipotent followers online can go a long way in giving a boost to the brands. Indeed in terms of relinquishing out to an audience but also developing trust. Cautious while selecting the right influencers, it’s essential that the content alignment and brand values match and whose audience is relevant.

05. Build Trust & Authenticity Through Your Blog

A blog is a digital asset that accommodates SEO, eases sharing thoughts, leadership, and appealing content on social media channels. Additionally, it serves as a pitch to launch new products and services and redirect a lot of traffic directly to your website.

06. Creative Communication Design 

Recognizing brand values and targeting your content accordingly goes a long way in staying faithful to your brand temperament. Using high conversion keywords in your social media posts can also drastically increase your product’s visibility and reach.

It previously proves that well-researched keywords have the potential to encompass beyond your immediate followers.

07. Be Consistent and Pointed

In the digital age, all businesses and influencers adequately wanted an awareness economy. If the marketer fails to post frequently to their respective social channels, people will forget about them promptly.

It is essential to post regularly to define the reach and engagement necessary to generate a crowd of traffic and sales from social.

However, in certain circumstances, it is impossible to be regular while maintaining good quality content. The abundance of tools exists to resolve problems, although multiple courses result in costly and not pleasing.

To cope up with your pocket and embedded with seamless features to ease the task to manage your social pages and profile.

Socinator eases the task related to the social media presence and assistance in the attention-seeking task of your social media marketing. Expertise in all social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Quora, and Pinterest.


Why To Choose Socinator?

social-media-ecommerceSocinator – the social dominator is the power tool capability to reach millions of people around the globe. Angel for the social media marketer who struggles and all tries repetitive tasks in everyday life.

Power-packed with advanced publishing, automation features on all the social media platforms, auto-publish posts from RSS, auto shortens URLs, auto-submit captcha verification, analytics, and growth metrics.

Watch this video to learn how to auto-posts on Facebook using Socinator;



03 Tips On How To Use Social Media To Boost eCommerce Revenue


01-Promote content generated by your users

Content from the user’s side referenced notable social proof of your brand’s reliability to augment your clients’ trust. Another benefit is customers tend to find the products developed by people who have used them to be more trustworthy and genuine.

02-Usage of hashtags

If you want to increase conversions, make sure all the posts are with hashtags. Hashtags work well in encouraging sales and traffic to your brand. The user seeking information and content related to your brand, your posts will be visible because of hashtags applied.

03-Embed your capital into social media ads

Seldom putting your efforts fails you because you may not be reaching the ideal audience or the number of the archetypical client base. One of the most prominent reasons is partly not having a significant social media following. Spending in social media ads evidence to reach potential customers and shoppers transform into improved rates.

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Finishing Off 

Most consumers are active on social media-specific sites and have enhanced the internet’s central hub. Appropriate the tactics noted raised in your social media marketing strategy to deserve more traffic and sales. 

Building brand awareness is counterproductive if those viewers don’t turn into revenue and customers. That’s why we created the guide to learn how to increase your sales and decrease your customer procurement costs.

Social media eCommerce and marketing are majorly dependent upon high-quality content, regularities, and new creations, but social media platforms can tie you to the loops of repetitive everyday tasks. Opt for intelligent tools which can perform the tasks on behalf of you. So you can focus on creating fresh content.

So what are your thoughts about eCommerce over social media ? Are you a fan of eCommerce ? Does this blog help you unknotting threads over social media eCommerce? Please let me know in the comment section below , I will love to hear. 


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