The Socinator’s 2020 Year In Review

Have you ever wondered what all things took place in the past twelve months?

One of the finest things you can do at the end of the year is to review and reflect upon everything that has happened over the past several months.

After all, it is the right way and perfect time to celebrate the triumphs, and successfully learning from the mistakes done.

In this blog post, I tackle Socinator’s 2020 year in review here, but before we roll down to that part, I thank all of our subscribers, readers, fans, and followers for following and trusting Socinator over the years. Thank you for your support.

As we look back at the year, we sorted around 65+ blog posts and published to help you enhance your overall social media management strategies and plan your success growth. So if your new year resolution is similar to ours, and want to come out with flying colours with your social media practices, then you are lucky. 

Just in case you skipped them, we’re here to share the top twelve most popular blog posts of the year in this year in review. And in 2020 and beyond, we pledge to keep publishing many more interesting social media related content on the Socinator blog. Oh! Cheers!


Check out the first blog published with the coldest January in history, the year started. 

1. There are lots of LinkedIn Marketing strategies which help in bringing high-end sales engagements (views) on your blog post. But How it helps in business growth. Why is LinkedIn said to be the most popular platform especially for professionals? How to drive more traffic to your blog posts using LinkedIn? To get a detailed overview, check out the post and learn about the 07 best tips that work best for your business. 

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2. The combination of colours that we see has the ability to cause our brain to think in a certain way. It evokes a sense of nostalgia as we look at a blurred image with a warm sunny tone. Similarly, various thoughts, memories, or feelings may be triggered by any other hue. Believe it or not, the psychology of colour is really something. So what effect does your Instagram feed have on its viewers’ brains? To find out, read on this blog. 

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3. Social networking has also been one of the main characteristics of the modern age of business today. It enables businesses and techno-geeks to boost their authority, raise visibility, engage with organic consumers, etc. Therefore you can accept social media and learn the best ways to make it work for your company as a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur. Explore 05 ways to use social media to boost your company income.

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4. You might have come across different click baits if you are using YouTube, which I am sure you are doing. Click baits are nothing more than a title made up of melodramatic terms that entice you to click on it. 

If you are a marketer or a social media influencer, you have to use them, no matter whether you love or hate it. To help you ease up the process, I’m going to tell you guys on this blog about how to make a killer YouTube clickbait. 

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5. Among many company niches, Instagram has become a significant marketing tool. It is certainly important that your content must be convincing to get more followers on Instagram, but if you don’t publish it at the right time, it is highly possible that most of your followers will never even see it. What kind of a bummer that would be! Check out the blog, learn about the best time to post on Instagram.

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6. Socinator is an all-in-one application for social media management that securely and organically handles and develops your social accounts. To help drive positive social media engagements and outcomes, it is a trusted brand by most agencies, business owners, and people.

Let me take you on a fast ride to cover all the important stuff you need to use Socinator in the best possible way to handle your social media presence.

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7. How do individuals get subscribers to YouTube so fast? Here’s the truth for you: YouTube users watch 1 billion hours of video on the site every day—equivalent to 8.4 minutes per person every day.

Huh? Baffled? I hope not. Check out the nine hacks that will skyrocket your YouTube channel and get you hundreds of subscribers in no time.

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8. Using Twitter for business may demand you to manage multiple Twitter accounts for various reasons. So, if you have come to this page by looking at the topic of how to manage multiple Twitter accounts, you may ask as well why do you need multiple Twitter accounts? Check out the blog and know about the scenarios how to manage and the need to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

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9. Getting high-end engagement means everything, in online marketing. The better your posts would perform and enter a larger network, more people connect with social media posts. But how do you draft high-performing posts through the involvement of ideas for social media posts? In this post, that is what we are going to cover. Now check it out!

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how to add link to instagram post

10. Marketing can be a very daunting job for any start-up company. There are nearly 7000 solutions for marketing technology, having a large audience base does more than boost your reputation and authority. Here in the year 2019-20, you can find a list of the 13 best marketing tools for startups.

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11. As one of the best social media sites where brands can communicate and engage with their audience, Twitter has been growing. However with over 500 million tweets a day the sheer number of tweets makes it almost difficult for brands to keep up with their feeds. You have the best way to do that when on Twitter: Twitter lists.

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12. Have you seen different campaigns for Facebook while visiting a website? Do you find it fascinating? How do they build these promotions for their websites and what advantages do they offer? Check the blog and learn about all your questions about the Facebook Like campaign and develop your brand’s winning strategies that will generate more interaction with your posts and advertising.

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13. Planning on generating positive results for your organisation during the Thanksgiving season this year? Using online channels to promote your business, as we can’t ignore the effect of social media on the market in today’s era. Here in this blog, We will address the Cyber Monday marketing errors that people frequently make during the holiday season when presenting their company on social media.

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14. Management of social media is nothing but the mechanism in which social media operations, regardless of personal use or for any business, are handled.

Here in this guide, we will go through the best tool for social media management that will assist you in the well-being of your business. 

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So this was a quick year in review, We’re looking forward to all that the next year has in store for your business and ours. Wishing you a happy New Year. See you in 2021!

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